Struggling to Repay Loans? Debt Management Options

As the overdue notices and demanding phone calls continue people feel unsure of what to do next. It can appear that it is impossible to overcome the growing problem with the interest accumulating as well.

Cathy & Peter’s Story


I was almost suicidal and very sick. I was completely unable to think. All I wanted was for the phone calls and bills to stop. When it becomes obvious a debt is not going to be settled, they sell it on to someone else. These people are ruthless. These are quite big companies and they just won’t leave you alone. The phone doesn’t stop ringing. They say they might have to send someone around.

Cathy & Peter’s story

Cathy and Peter entered a Debt Agreement, after their struggle with Debt became overwhelming.

Cathy and Peter entered a Debt Agreement, after their struggle with Debt became overwhelming.

A common theme amongst the people who call our service is an overwhelming sense of panic that they cannot meet their financial commitments. Whether they lost their job or had unexpected expenses, like car break down or a death in the family and had to meet funeral cost, they have found themselves unable to meet their once manageable debt repayments and are now experiencing major financial stress.

The solution that suited Cathy and Peter, when they were struggling to meet loan repayments, was to enter into a Part IX Debt Agreement. They say it restored their peace of mind. Read more about Cathy & Peter’s story.

Your Debt Management Options

Overwhelming debt and unfulfilled payment obligations can have damaging repercussions, sometimes leading to Bankruptcy, but there is way out.

If you are:

  • Struggling to make payments on unsecured loans
  • You need to find a solution fast to stay afloat
  • Your attempts to gain Financial Hardship relief from your creditors have been knocked back; or
  • You are too stressed or have too many creditors to negotiate with

It might be time to consider if you are eligible for a Debt Agreement or Negotiated Informal Arrangment. Debt Agreements are a longer term solution to a unmanageable situation whereas an Informal Debt Negotation or sometimes known as an Informal Arrangement assists those who are in a temporary financial crisis, due to unemployment or ill health.  Our friendly consultancy team are able to assess your specific circumstances and discuss the ins and outs of your available options.

First, check our Do I Qualify for a Debt Agreement page. Next, fill out the online form to book a free call back consultation or just call us on 1300 887 211 and talk to one of our friendly consultants.