Drowning in Credit Card Debt : Now What? Our Debt Solutions May Help

If you’re drowning in debt, then know you are not alone, there are many others right there with you. The good news is that some are doing something about it. Getting out of debt may seem like an unachievable goal, but it is more achievable than most realise. While there is no single quickest way of getting out of debt, it is achievable by setting a realistic plan that you can stick to until you ultimately reach your goal.

Here is Sue’s story

“About 10 years ago due to circumstances I had to change my job. The new job didn’t pay as we’ll so I came to rely on my Credit Cards. Initially I paid it all off when due but slowly this didn’t happen and the interest kept piling on. I even increased the limit at times and was using more than one card.

It became a viscous circle trying to keep up with payments until I couldn’t see any way out. I tried to get a personal loan to consolidate the debt but was knocked back by the bank. It was very stressful dealing with the phone calls and trying my hardest to stretch my money every which way.

I saw an ad on TV for Debt Cutter and thought this might be a solution for me. Debt Cutter sent out a very nice lady to my home and she went through everything with me. I really did want to pay my debts. Still now I hate the idea of owing money. ”

After talking through her situation with a Debt Cutter consultant, Sue decided that a Debt Agreement was the right solution for her. By entering the Debt Agreement, Sue paid what she could afford to work down her debt and now she is free of all the credit card debt she owed. Here is what Sue said about the process.

“(After I entered a Debt Agreement) I cut up all my credit cards. I am determined I will NEVER have another one. I found the staff at Debt Cutter to be compassionate and always willing to work with me. There were times due to circumstances when I had to vary the repayments. I made sure I notified Debt Cutter and we worked together to make sure I had enough for my expenses while still making my payments. It was a very happy day when that last payment was made. I have a rule now, if I don’t have the money to pay for something then it isn’t purchased. I am ever grateful to Debt Cutter for helping me when I needed it the most.” Sue, Bundaberg QLD

Your Options

Have you got an outstanding credit card debt? Are you keeping up with the monthly payments? Are you in a never-ending cycle of budgeting and missed payments. If so, these factors could lead to severe repercussions.

Debt Cutter may be able to provide a solution to your financial situation with a Debt Agreement. It is important to keep in mind that no one solution is for everyone. The best thing you can do is speak to one of our caring consultants to discuss your situation further on 1300 887 211 or fill in the form to book a free phone call back from us at a time that is convenient to you.

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Words from our clients

“I am so grateful to Debt Cutter they really stuck by me every step of the way. They helped me to cope financially. When I was down they picked me up and gave me encouragement. I mean there were times I was so stressed, my mind refused to function as I was in such a state. Debt Cutter would always listen and talked me through everything. The biggest thing I have to say is about communication, Debt Cutter communicated to me always about everything.”

Lucy, Logan QLD

“Debt Cutter were just open and honest with us every time we contacted them. Every now and again we would make extra payments to keep ahead and have a buffer. If we had issues they just told us how much leeway we had and enabled us to work it out with them. Any time we rang they were understanding and helpful. Sometimes all I did was send a text message. This was good as it saved me any embarrassment.”

Mick, Brisbane Qld.

“Thank you so much Debt Cutter! Without your help I would have went bankrupt. What a wonderful service you offer.”

Symone, Dubbo NSW

“I found Debt Cutter very helpful and understanding throughout the set-up and entire agreement period. Thanks so much.”

Peter, Gayndah QLD

“I would like to say thank you to Debt Cutter for helping me with my financial situation. Tell all the staff thank you and God bless you all. You’re the best team. From my family, thank you and keep up the good work.”

Samuela, Logan QLD

“Debt Cutter, you have been with us every step. Nothing was a problem. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

John, NT

“I am very pleased to have heard about Debt Cutter as I was nearly insane thinking how I was going to pay these debts. Thank you all very much again.”

Maria, Young NSW

“Debt Cutter was an absolute God send. After getting into a mess financially they not only helped me clear my debts but were very very patient as at times I had to stop payments due to various reasons. Thank you for all your help.”

Geoffrey, Central Coast NSW

“The staff at Debt Cutter were always extremely helpful and understanding when issues arose that meant I needed to vary my payment at any time. I really appreciate all the assistance they gave.”

Sue, Bundaberg QLD

“Excellent service and support from all of Debt Cutter’s friendly and helpful staff. Going the extra mile to assist me in these challenging times. Plus all your professional advice and flexibility throughout the last seven and a half years, from start to end. Thank you Debt Cutter from the bottom of my heart.”

Chris, Caboolture QLD

Debt Cutter – We Care, Because We’ve Been There.

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"I had always had no trouble working, but due to ill-health I had been put on the Disability Pension, I then had an operation which allowed me to go back to work and thought there would be no more problems. But during the next two years, my health continued to deteriorate. Over the time of lost income I was using my credit cards to survive. It turned out, I couldn’t return to work and I was left with debts that I was unable to make the payments on and have enough to live off as well," Laurita said....

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