How does a Debt Agreement help you to Cut your Debt & Live your Life!

A Debt Agreement is simply an arrangement to reschedule your current unsecured debts into a single payment plan so you can meet your obligations to the best of your ability over a period of time suitable to your budget.

The process is managed by a Debt Agreement Administrator, like Debt Cutter. We are there to guide you through each step of the process. Helping you to meet your financial goals is our priority. We are here to help from the very beginning, when you are assessing your options, all the way through to completion of the process.

Still unsure? Well, let us ask you. Are you looking for the kind of debt relief provided by this Debt Agreement process?

Affordable Repayments
Affordable Repayments Mobile
Our consultants discuss your financial situation in detail with you. Repayments are determined by working out what you can realistically afford weekly, fortnightly or monthly over 3 to 5 years after all your income and expenses are taken into account.
Proposal to Creditors
Proposal to Creditors Mobile
Debt Cutter presents the debt agreement proposal to the creditors, outlining the payment schedule that is being offered. Creditors vote on the proposal, if a majority accept then it passes. Proposing a debt agreement is an “act of bankruptcy” and must be carefully considered.
Debt Reduced
Debt Reduced Mobile
All unsecured creditors agree to accept a % of the original debt. Worked out by what you can afford to repay over 3 to 5 years.
Single Payment Plan
Single Payment Plan Mobile
All unsecured debts are consolidated into a single payment plan administered by a Debt Agreement Administrator. Apart from making this regular repayment as per the agreement, you maintain complete control of your finances.

Other forms of payment can be negotiated under a Debt Agreement, but a payment plan is the most common.

Interest Frozen
Interest Frozen Mobile
Once in a Debt Agreement, all unsecured debts are frozen as at the date of the agreement. No further interest can be charged on these debts.
Legal Action Stopped
Legal Action Stopped Mobile
A debt agreement is a legally binding agreement protected under law. Once accepted debt collectors cannot take further action on any debts included. No more gut wrenching phone calls and pending legal action is stopped.

Debt Relief

Keep Your Assets
Keep Your Assets Mobile
Because it is based on what you can afford it frees up your cash flow enabling you to keep on top of your repayments for your secure debts, like your house, car and other assets. You are therefore not forced to sell your assets to pay your other debts.
Debt Freedom
Debt Freedom Mobile
Once all payments/obligations under the Debt Agreement have been completed you are released from the unsecured debts in the agreement. (Except Tax and Centrelink debt).

A Debt Agreement is a saviour to many, but a serious step to take and does have consequences for your credit file that need to be carefully considered.

Many of our clients have expressed to us the relief they’ve experienced once their Debt Agreement is in place saying: “a substantial weight has been lifted off my shoulders”.

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Debt Cutter is dedicated to helping people turn their lives around and has helped thousands of Australians take control of their finances through the Debt Agreement process. We care, because we’ve been there and it is our goal to help people reach their financial goals. We are passionate about bringing our experience and empathy to helping you through the process.

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Words from our clients

“I am so grateful to Debt Cutter they really stuck by me every step of the way. They helped me to cope financially. When I was down they picked me up and gave me encouragement. I mean there were times I was so stressed, my mind refused to function as I was in such a state. Debt Cutter would always listen and talked me through everything. The biggest thing I have to say is about communication, Debt Cutter communicated to me always about everything.”

Lucy, Logan QLD

“Debt Cutter were just open and honest with us every time we contacted them. Every now and again we would make extra payments to keep ahead and have a buffer. If we had issues they just told us how much leeway we had and enabled us to work it out with them. Any time we rang they were understanding and helpful. Sometimes all I did was send a text message. This was good as it saved me any embarrassment.”

Mick, Brisbane Qld.

“Thank you so much Debt Cutter! Without your help I would have went bankrupt. What a wonderful service you offer.”

Symone, Dubbo NSW

“I found Debt Cutter very helpful and understanding throughout the set-up and entire agreement period. Thanks so much.”

Peter, Gayndah QLD

“I would like to say thank you to Debt Cutter for helping me with my financial situation. Tell all the staff thank you and God bless you all. You’re the best team. From my family, thank you and keep up the good work.”

Samuela, Logan QLD

“Debt Cutter, you have been with us every step. Nothing was a problem. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

John, NT

“I am very pleased to have heard about Debt Cutter as I was nearly insane thinking how I was going to pay these debts. Thank you all very much again.”

Maria, Young NSW

“Debt Cutter was an absolute God send. After getting into a mess financially they not only helped me clear my debts but were very very patient as at times I had to stop payments due to various reasons. Thank you for all your help.”

Geoffrey, Central Coast NSW

“The staff at Debt Cutter were always extremely helpful and understanding when issues arose that meant I needed to vary my payment at any time. I really appreciate all the assistance they gave.”

Sue, Bundaberg QLD

“Excellent service and support from all of Debt Cutter’s friendly and helpful staff. Going the extra mile to assist me in these challenging times. Plus all your professional advice and flexibility throughout the last seven and a half years, from start to end. Thank you Debt Cutter from the bottom of my heart.”

Chris, Caboolture QLD