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Struggling with overwhelming debt? We are here to help you.

Debt Cutter provides specialised assistance to those in need of debt relief. Our team is dedicated to helping people, like you, get out of debt. We’ve helped thousands of Australians take control of their finances and turn their lives around.

How a Debt Cutter solution helps you…

  • Can Freeze Interest on unsecured debt saving you thousands
  • Reduces Unsecured Debt repayments
  • Consolidates all of your unsecured debt into One Payment
  • No more threatening phone calls
  • Wage garnishees and legal action stopped
  • Assets like your house or car protected
  • Your anxiety and stress surrounding debt lifted

3600 Turnaround Stories, yours could be next. 1300 887 211 or Request a call back

Some of the ways Debt Cutter can help

Debt Cutter We Care Because We’ve Been There

Debt Cutter is dedicated to helping people who are struggling with debt. Many of our consultants have experienced financial hardship firsthand and know what it’s like.

Our goal is to help people tackle their debt and get their lives back. Call Debt Cutter today 1300 887 211 or book a free phone consultation. Our experienced staff will discuss your situation and explain your options. We will talk you through the steps you need to take to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Words from our clients
"Excellent service and support from all of Debt Cutter’s friendly and helpful staff. Going the extra mile to assist me in these challenging times. Plus all your professional advice and flexibility throughout the last seven and a half years, from start to end. Thank you Debt Cutter from the bottom of my heart."
Chris, Caboolture QLD
“The staff at Debt Cutter were always extremely helpful and understanding when issues arose that meant I needed to vary my payment at any time. I really appreciate all the assistance they gave.”
Sue, Bundaberg QLD
“Debt Cutter was an absolute God send. After getting into a mess financially they not only helped me clear my debts but were very very patient as at times I had to stop payments due to various reasons. Thank you for all your help.”
Geoffrey, Central Coast NSW
“I am very pleased to have heard about Debt Cutter as I was nearly insane thinking how I was going to pay these debts. Thank you all very much again.”
Maria, Young NSW
“Debt Cutter, you have been with us every step. Nothing was a problem. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
John, NT
“I would like to say thank you to Debt Cutter for helping me with my financial situation. Tell all the staff thank you and God bless you all. You’re the best team. From my family, thank you and keep up the good work.”
Samuela, Logan QLD
“I found Debt Cutter very helpful and understanding throughout the set-up and entire agreement period. Thanks so much.”
Peter, Gayndah QLD
"Thank you so much Debt Cutter! Without your help I would have went bankrupt. What a wonderful service you offer."
Symone, Dubbo NSW
"I am so grateful to Debt Cutter they really stuck by me every step of the way. They helped me to cope financially. When I was down they picked me up and gave me encouragement. I mean there were times I was so stressed, my mind refused to function as I was in such a state. Debt Cutter would always listen and talked me through everything. The biggest thing I have to say is about communication, Debt Cutter communicated to me always about everything."
Lucy, Logan QLD
"Debt Cutter were just open and honest with us every time we contacted them. Every now and again we would make extra payments to keep ahead and have a buffer. If we had issues they just told us how much leeway we had and enabled us to work it out with them. Any time we rang they were understanding and helpful. Sometimes all I did was send a text message. This was good as it saved me any embarrassment."
Mick, Brisbane Qld.